I learnt a lot from Birth Companions and they were like a family for me and my baby. They supported me in every way.

Community Services

Our Community Link Service 
We can support a woman  during pregnancy, throughout labour and birth, and after her baby
has been born and she returns home from hosiptal.
Supprt during pregnancy: We can arrange to meet women for antenatal visits and help them to write a birth plan that explains what she would like to happen during her labour and birth at the hospital. During labour: A birth companion can be there at the hospital and stay throughout a woman's labour and birth.
After the birth of your baby: We can continue to visit throughout a new mum's hospital stay. We can also offer support a she begins to feed and care for her new baby. When a woman returns home we can arrange postnatal visits to support her there and help her to find out what is available in her area for mothers and babies.

For any enquiries about this service, please contact our Community Link Coordinator Helen Benson, e-mail: helen@birthcompanions.org.uk, Tel 07896 112 460 

Our Community Group
Our weekly groups provide a space for new mums and babies to come together and support each other in a relaxed and friendly way.
Pregnant women are also welcome. Every week we do a different activity to learn new things and have fun (group discussions, baby massage, relaxation techniques, nail painting, art and crafts activities etc.)

For any enquiries about the group, please contact our Community Group Coordinator Emma Henry, e-mail: emma@birthcompanions.org.uk, Tel. 07506 595 627

Community Classes
Our friendly and informal pregnancy support classes will help women to plan and prepare for the birth of their babies. Classes cover topics like pregnancy and wellbeing, positions for labour and birth, pain relief, writing a birth plan and what happens after birth. These classes are available to women who live in Hackney and/or are planning to give birth at the Homerton Hospital.
For a promotional flyer about these courses, please download our Project Poster HERE.
For a full course overview, please download our Course Syllabus HERE.

For any enquiries about these courses, please contact our Project Coordinator Abbi Ayers by emailing abbi@birthcompanions.org.uk, Tel. 07903 537 555.

To refer someone you know your if you wish to refer yourself to any of our servIces please download our Referral Form.